Thought of the Day–7/8/17


Thought of the Day—We can all learn from nature…for it has an inherent need to survive and thrive despite its’ desperate conditions. Humans on the other hand, have a tendency to have a total meltdown if their coffee order is messed up…We need to be content in all circumstances and trust that God knows our needs and what is best for us, even when we seem to be between a rock and a hard place…

Thought of the Day–7/5/17

Roaring Fork road


Thought of the Day—Offering a kind word to another is like offering crisp, cold water from a mountain stream, quenching the dry, parched spirit with a refreshing offering. Today, regardless of your situation in life, please take the time to cup your hands, dip them deep into that stream and present a word of encouragement to someone in need…


Thought of the Day–7/02/17


Thought of the Day—We are all broken in one way or another.  Sometimes God chooses to heal us physically, emotionally or spiritually.  But sometimes He chooses to apply enough grace and strength in our lives to shine through despite our circumstances.  We need to learn to stop squirming around on His examination table like spoiled children and trust His hands so we can accept the mercy that God freely anoints us…

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