Thought of the Day–6/26/17


Thought of the Day—How would you like to do something fun today? Try presenting someone with an act of kindness, a genuine compliment or a word of encouragement.  It costs absolutely nothing but means everything to the recipient.  Go on, pick your intended target, pick up your arrow of thoughtfulness and bow of delivery, release the quiver and just let it fly; your kind gesture will hit the center of their heart every time…

Thought of the Day–6/21/17


Thought of the Day—Time—It’s a precious commodity so spend it wisely; for once it is spent, you can never buy it back.  Most of us think we have more time than we actually have.  We can never make time, but only take the time.  Therefore, watch out for those who want to steal your time away…and remember, the time invested knowing God, doing His will and loving others is never wasted time but time well spent with eternal dividends…

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