Tell It to My Heart

There are times in our lives when we experience loss. Many times it is a loss of a loved one but at other times the loss is more intangible. For instance, the silent hero of a caregiver who is taking care of another with a chronic condition many times suffers in silence.   Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and many other debilitating diseases can leave the body mostly unaltered but rob the essence of that person; their mind and personality, once so vibrant, now lies in a dormant state. And for their loved ones, the grieving process begins long before their eventual physical death. I experienced that kind of long, drawn out grieving process with my Dad. It was almost a relief when he passed but the guilt associated with that relief took a while longer to recover.

In April of 2013, my mom passed. I was not ready for that kind of grief and for the most part, I suppressed most of it as we worked through the next several months closing out her estate. At the very end of 2013 like an exclamation point to the entire year, my daughter miscarried.

It is at those times of sorrow and desperation that we humans can say the dumbest things to others. Many times we feel uncomfortable or inadequate in comforting another so we ramble…and stammer, all the while the recipient is screaming inside “JUST SHUT UP!” I have learned through my own experiences that sometimes a simple nod with a compassionate face, a small embrace, or even a humble “I’m sorry for your loss” will suffice to comfort those in need.

Sometimes even out of the deepest loss, good can prevail. The lyrics reflected below were written a year ago during the height of my emotional distress. I pray these words might comfort you or someone you know who is going through their own silent screams…may God bless you.


Tell it to My Heart

(A Song of Loss and Restoration)

Written by Stephen R. Wilson


They say she lived a good full life

They say she is in a better place

Convince me the healing will actually start

Tell it to my heart.


They say it wasn’t meant to be

But you can still have a family

As I watch my world just fall apart

Tell it to my heart.



Tell it to my heart

The one that’s breaking,

Tell it to my soul

The one that’s aching,

Give me hope the hurting will someday stop.


Tell it to my heart

That someday soon,

I can see the sun and not the gloom

Give me just a glimmer of hope not ruin

Tell it to my heart.



They say you are a God of love

They say you are a God of grace

But can you fill my emptiness

Tell it to my heart.


I feel your pain and anguish too

Just lean on Me, you’ll make it through

For my Love for you is without end

Let me heal your heart.




Let me heal your heart

The one that’s breaking,

I will touch your soul

The one that’s aching,

I will give you Love that will not end.


I will whisper to your heart

That someday soon,

You will see the Son and not the gloom

I am your Hope and Healing too

Let me heal your heart.

red rose

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