Wilson Christmas Letter 2015

Front DoorFrom our house to yours–Merry Christmas from the Wilson’s!! I have been writing Christmas letters since 1994 but here’s to the first one on my blog site!  Enjoy!!

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Wilson!!

This has been one VERY life changing year for the Wilson family as we have experienced everything from exceptionally MAJOR life changes to diaper changes. This Christmas season finds us in a state of peace and wonderment at all that has transpired this past year.

Little Crystal Nicole arrived into this world on January 31st which was a few weeks ahead of schedule. Alison was placed on bed rest in late November with complications and we breathed prayers while holding our breath through the next several weeks until Crystal was delivered. Alison continued to have complications after delivery but had a lot of support through those first few months.

DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING IS NOTHING LESS THAN A SAPPY TIRADE OF GRANDMA/GRANDPA-ITIS AND MUST BE READ WITH UPMOST CAUTION LEST YOU FIND YOURSELF WITH A CHRONIC CASE OF DIABETES…that being said…Crystal is the most beautiful perfect creature we have ever laid eyes on…except perhaps Alison…Crystal is a great combination of both her parents with Justin’s eyes and Alison’s cheeks and smile. Crystal has a very calm spirit about her and loves to study and analyze everything and especially likes feeling different textures. She has deep blue eyes which is strange since both her parents have brown. Crystal is ten months old now and has four teeth coming in simultaneously, is crawling everywhere and attempts to pull herself up when she wants to. She has completely stolen our hearts and we are both so thankful to be blessed with this stage in our lives.

Alison and Justin are also adjusting very well to their roles as parents. They have both made it through the “new parent” syndrome so far without too many ill effects and have even conquered the horrendous diaper aromas without too many gags or throw ups. They are now getting a real sense of turmoil a crawler can bring when everything is literally “up for grabs”. Their Christmas tree was the latest victim of little Crystal’s fascination with anything shiny, glittery or just available. Fortunately, Crystal has a real interest in books which keeps her occupied for at least thirty seconds. We’ve received only a few 911 calls to come over and rescue them from a potentially volatile situation with a fussy infant.

Yep, we CAN actually “come over” since we now live right beside of them!! Thus, the second HUGE life changer; we are now living in North Carolina. Our eventual migration south began in the spring. We had been making plans and filling up a storage unit for a few months but after Crystal was born…game on! There were so many miracles and blessings during this time that I can’t really stuff into one measly little Christmas letter so here’s a synopsis. Put the house on the market in May which sold for asking price in one day. Sssoooo, I literally got in the car and flew south to try and secure a job and a house. Job did not pan out and the six houses the realtor showed were real dogs so in crept panic followed by prayer. Next, two nights before I was to head back to Ohio, an offer by Alison and Justin’s next door neighbor to see their house which was not on the market but since they were in the process of building a home, had planned to move out. After an out-of-body experience looking through the house which was perfect for us and nearly passing out after hearing the asking price, we talked it over and I gave a nod and a verbal “ugh”. We closed on our house June 12th and headed south, met the movers at the new house on the 13th and closed on the new house on the 15th of June.

There is so much more that happened during this time and I ask that if you are interested, please go to my blog site: www.lifesimplyspoken.com and read “Pacing in the Waiting Room” and “Pacing in the Waiting Room Part Deux”. Also, you could read “Little Hands and Tiny Feet” which I wrote after Crystal was born.

We know God has a plan for us here in North Carolina and it is not just to be grandparents, even though we do take our role very seriously. Jenny and I welcome and embrace the new adventures that await us as we continue this journey. We are so excited to relive the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a little one, where everything is new, alive and exciting. May your Christmas be just as exciting as you share with you and yours this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

From Jenny, Steve and Izzy the dog

4 thoughts on “Wilson Christmas Letter 2015”

  1. I think I remember mentioning to you that becoming ‘grandparents’ is a whole new world and it is wonderful. Glad to hear you are both enjoying yourselves in that role. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. It is so beautiful to see Christmas through the eyes of a child.


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