When I Go Up

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This may sound a little morbid but I have been thinking more about heaven lately.  Maybe it is because of everything that is going on all around us; our world seems to be in a crazy mess.  Perhaps it is due to recent losses of loved ones.  I think it might just be the fact that the older I get, the more I feel I just don’t belong here.  And before you go down the slippery slope that I sound a little too suicidal, I have no such desire to give up and “end it all”; just the contrary.

I was raised on the pillars of honesty, integrity, respect, the love for God as well as the love for fellow man (yep, man…all inclusive…includes both male and female…get over it).  Over the past decades, these pillars have been eroded away to the point where I’m not sure anyone knows the true meaning to those above mentioned words.

And while I could use this as an excuse to give up on life, I know we still have a job to do in this world while we’re still here.  Could it be just to remind our “fellow man” that we are still in this together and perhaps to make a difference in someone’s life?  I’m not really referring to our social media intimate strangers as much as the person next door or down the street.  How well do you know your neighbor?  Not that well huh?  Maybe if we really did reach out and form a bond of friendship beginning in our neighborhood, we could begin the healing process in our community…

The old adage of “Don’t judge a book by its’ cover” has so much meaning behind it for we may all have different covered bindings but we were all written by the same Author.  Our plots or storylines may vary but isn’t that part of the excitement that we aren’t all the same?  And while we still have air in our lungs, we still have blank pages to be filled in; our novel is not complete until the Author completes the last sentence.  So that’s my challenge; to fight homesickness for heaven and do what God wants me to do while I still have the time here on earth to do it.  What about you?

2 Timothy 4:7(NIV) I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

The following is in a lyric/poem form of how I feel toward the life after this one.


When I Go Up

Written by Stephen R. Wilson

When I was a kid and had my whole life before me

I could be anything I wanted to be,

A policeman, a cowboy, an astronaut too

I had all the time in the world to figure out what I wanted to do.

When I grow up

I want to catch the bad and protect the good,

Drive some cattle and ride the angry bulls

I want to go up and fly among the stars,

 Mercury and Mars, when I grow up.

When I grow up

I want to drive around in a bright red racing car

Be a sprinter that could run so very far,

Become a doctor that could heal the very sick

So many choices, take your pick.

When I grow up.

Now I find myself all grown up and a little past my prime

There are less days ahead than what I left behind,

But there seems to be a yearning

From somewhere deep in my soul,

That this is not my home

But somewhere up ahead there is so much more,

You see I believe that Christ died for me

On that cross at Calvary,

And when he ascended, He said He’d be back

For all those that truly believe,

 So as I remain faithful to live my life for Him

My heart is more than longing to be in heaven without sin.

When I go up

I want to see my Savior face to face

My only desire is to be in His embrace,

To hear the words I love you

Without condemnation or disgrace.

When I go up.

When I go up

I’ll get to see my loved ones who have gone on before

The sound of laughter, joy but even something more,

There will be no more hurting, no more pain

Tears will be replaced by praises to God, angel’s sweet refrain,

When I go up.

One thought on “When I Go Up”

  1. I remember what the world was like 70 some years ago. It was safe and predictable. Wasn’t too bad when my kids were growing up, but now days I don’t feel comfortable any more. I think of heaven a lot and how much better it will be. I know where you are coming from. Lois Wilson

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