Thought of the Day–8/31/17

Wooden Butterfly

Thought of the Day—You can engrave an image of a butterfly into a piece of wood and call it a real butterfly but it doesn’t make it so; it’s just an image, a copy of the original, a fake.  So it is with information on the internet; just because it’s in print, doesn’t mean it is true and reliable.  Do a little investigative work before touting ANYTHING on the web as gospel….

Thought of the Day–8/29/17


Thought of the Day—Old photos are fun to examine and ponder upon for they provide the impetus to trigger long lost memories of days gone by or perhaps engage the imagination of what life must have been like back in the day.  However, have you ever thought about today being your loved one’s treasured yesterday in the not so distant future?  Make sure you capture the ordinary and not so ordinary moments and make them available for the next generations to come.  For time passes quickly, like grains of sand escaping between your fingers…

Thought of the Day–8/26/17


Thought of the Day—Embracing the destructive emotion of hate for an extended period of time is like inviting a caustic cancer into your heart that destroys from the inside out.  Hate will become a merciless master who will tear away at your freedoms and leave you an empty, bitter shell of a person.  Be a rebel…swim against the current of popular thinking…go against the grain of your natural inclinations and choose to unhate…yep, make it a new thing…

Thought of the Day–8/24/17

Speak Life

Thought of the Day—Did you know you can change someone’s day with just a word of encouragement? And what’s so exciting is that everyone has this talent! You don’t have to be a literary scholar or an orator to verbalize an uplifting thought to that person. All you have to do is forget yourself for a brief time, muster up the courage you know you have hidden inside, clear your head, open your heart and speak life to another…