Thought of the Day–9/30/17

Thought of the Day—Funny thing about perspective…we only see a particular view of a situation but not the entire picture.  Many times, we take that same perspective we have, throw it into the knapsack of assumptions and run with it, judging and being overly critical of circumstances of which we know very little.  Let’s do ourselves and others a big favor and withhold judgment until we make the effort to do our homework and understand every angle of a complicated situation.  Life is way too overcrowded with misunderstandings as it is…

Thought of the Day–9/29/17

Love Hurts

Thought of the Day—Love—sometimes it hurts…in fact, the more you love, the greater the risk of pain that is associated with loss.  But don’t you think love is worth that risk?  Yep, me too…and so does God.  After all, He sent His best when we were at our worst, just to demonstrate His love for us.  But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8.



Thought of the Day–9/5/17


Thought of the Day— Do you ever feel like one of the broken, one of the walking wounded, perhaps one of the not so perfect inhabitants on the Island of misfit toys?  If you do, don’t feel so isolated for there are many of us walking around this earth.  But guess what?  Jesus preferred to run around with the out crowd, the outcasts, the least of these probably because the need was so great and so much grace was able to be given.  Even on this day, this hour, this moment, Jesus wants to meet you just where you are…to apply much grace, more mercy, and most of all full forgiveness.  But just remember one thing, He WILL meet you where you are but has no intention for you to remain the way you are…