Thought of the Day–8/3/17


Thought of the Day—I prefer an ugly, imperfect garden fresh tomato over a perfectly formed and colorized hot house tomato every time because I’ve tasted both. The mushy, tasteless, anemic imitation is no match to the meaty, full bodied sweet tanginess of the real thing. Just picked off the vine with a dash of salt and your tongue is doing a happy dance; the sweet nectar escapes out the side of the mouth and dribbles down the chin.

Thus is the damaging and damning side effects of judging and profiling people just by appearance. Until you have risked engaging in conversation and interacting with another, you have no idea if their personality is palatable or not; we certainly don’t want to waste our time trying to get to know someone who appears to have been badly bruised or compromised by life, right? Besides aren’t the pretty, polished, professional and perfect more appealing anyway? Just be very careful; there is nothing more disappointing than cutting into a beautiful piece of fruit and finding the inside either rotten, hollow or both…just be real…to yourself and others…