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Thought of the Day–4/5/18

Thought of the Day—I know most of you have heard the old adage, “time heals all wounds” which is true, especially when forgiveness was applied.  Many times, what’s left is a scar that serves as a reminder of a painful but teachable experience and when put in proper perspective, can give strength to one’s character.  But when we are in the process of healing, we need to be on the lookout for what I call scab pickers; those that attempt to reopen that same painful wound by throwing out reminders of the hurting incident and therefore, keep you from healing.  Satan is a pro at doing this; so are some “so called” friends or family…don’t be deceived by their tactics but always keep these “antagonistic monsters” at arm’s length and pray for peace, healing…and perhaps selective memory loss?

Thought of the Day 4/1/18–It’s Not About the Bunny


It’s not about the bunny or the patent leather shoes

It is not about the colored eggs or mama’s brand new do,

It is not about the spectacle of baskets with candy heaping full

It is about the selfless love God has for me and you.


For God so loved the world that He gave his only son

To take our place, to take our shame, to die for everyone,

And on that first Easter morn when God raised Christ from his tomb

Hope also arose for all mankind, that our destiny would not be doomed.


So as you celebrate Easter, celebrate also the empty cross

And praise the name of Jesus Christ without whom we would all be lost,

For it’s not about the bunny but yet a sense of life renewed

Eternal life for us is possible because of the empty tomb.

Thought of the Day–3/13/18

Thought of the Day—“If I had it to do all over again…” I’m sure we’ve either said or heard that statement before; it is the anthem of regret. It could be a past regret about anything from kids, marriage, education, drugs to a career choice.  But guess what? You can’t change it; it’s in your past locked behind thick stone walls and a mighty mahogany door.  And while you may find a twisted comfort in your painful memories of past regret and remorse, it’s time to let it go and forgive.  Forgive yourself, forgive the others that were involved in the situation.  Stop trying to mentally rewrite the script; just do a one eighty and step away…You deserve more in your present and future than a regurgitated past…

Thought of the Day–3/2/18

Thought of the Day—One of God’s greatest gifts is to have a clarity of purpose, to run unhindered toward the goal God has instilled in your heart.  Unfortunately, we have a tendency to sabotage our own lives to the extent of filling our days with ambiguous nonsense that leaves us paralyzed and useless.  Here’s to getting back up and continuing the journey; forgive the friend or loved one, forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness, pray that God WILL give you enough strength for each day…and move on…

Thought of the Day–2/8/18

The traveler

Thought of the Day—If we could flip through the journal of our lives, every page would be filled with underlines where grace prevailed and asterisks where mercy was applied.