Thought of the Day–9/2/17

Hurricane Harvey

Thought of the Day— Why does it take such a tragedy as Hurricane Harvey to see what good people do every day to meet another’s needs, to comfort those that have lost much and to step in when needed, despite their own personal sacrifices?  And why do these overwhelming acts of kindness and heroism seem to surprise the news media so much when this happens time and time again?  It’s engrained in the fabric of our country and her people; all united in one cause, to make a positive difference in the affected lives of others, regardless of our skin pigment, social status or native tongue, for in fact, all lives DO matter.  And this mighty effort was not the result of social media, on line postings or other tactics used to organize riots or demonstrations, rather neighbor helping neighbor, love networking outward across state lines until it reached our national borders and beyond.  Love in action, the same kind of love in which this nation was founded; a love and trust for our God.  1 John 4:19 states, “We love because He first loved us.”  If only our nation would once again reciprocate and put God first, ahead of country…out of a love for our Creator…

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