Thought of the Day–3/6/18

Thought of the Day—Do you want to have some fun today? Pick up a rock and throw it!  I don’t mean in a literal sense like at a passerby or your neighbor’s cat but into the placid pond of humanity called your circle of influence.  You know how, when a stone is tossed into a tranquil pond, the ripples start from the point of entry and keep edging outward?  That stone represents an act of kindness delivered to another; we never really know how much that one act has the same ripple effect to positively influence the lives of others.  That stone could represent the gift of time, a prayer lifted up, a card sent, a phone call made, picking up someone’s tab or simply giving a hug to someone you know is going through something difficult right now.  I think you get the idea.  And better yet, pick up a few pebbles at one time, toss them in and watch what happens…ripples in a pond…love in action…pick up a rock and toss it…today!

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