Thought of the Day–11/25/17

Peace Frog

Thought of the Day—It has been one month ago today that our beautiful sister/wife/mom/aunt/friend Jennifer left this world to live an eternal, abundant life with our Heavenly Father.  And while we all continue to grieve in our own way, memories about Jennifer remain a constant to ease the pain of our loss.  Here’s one bit of information about Jennifer I bet most people knew; she loved frogs, as was reflected in every room of her home.  She also loved the playful peace frog which seemed to be a throwback to the hippie era.  But did you know that the word frog is also an acronym for Fully Rely On God?  So here’s a Thought of the Day from Jennifer and her beloved frogs; FULLY RELY ON GOD AND HE WILL GIVE YOU PEACE…peace…love…out…


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