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Thought of the Day–1/4/18


Thought of the Day—It seems to be our nature to want bright sunny skies and calm winds to dominate our days, but in reality, we often times experience just the opposite.  We need to somehow appreciate the rainy/snowy/cloudy days a little more to truly appreciate the beautiful days God presents to us.  So, play in the snow, dance in the rain and take advantage of every opportunity God gives us to enjoy life!!

Thought of the Day–1/2/18


Thought of the Day—Remember Tomorrowland; that procrastinator’s paradise of distant time and place where we put all things off until?  “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “we’ll deal with that next year…”  Well, guess what; reality check…we’ve arrived!!  May you allow God to gently guide you through this day, this moment; to ease you in to what you ultimately have to face and accomplish this week, this month, or this year…

Thought of the Day–1/1/18


Thought of the Day—Welcome to 2018–a New Year, a blank slate. As we go through this next year, many events that we experience will be as a result of someone else’s choices that affect you.  Other occurrences will be from your own decisions, whether they be wise or foolish.  Wouldn’t it be nice to allow God, in His infinite wisdom, to scribe out your life as He sees fits and just follow His plan?  Here we are at day one; what will you write as you pick up the pen of your life?  The myriad of list entries that seem so important or a simple “Thy will be done…”?