Thought of the Day–12/30/17


The only way you can be a true light in this world of darkness is if you allow yourself to be brave, vulnerable and visible.  Isn’t it time you start using the tools God gave you to make a real positive difference in your own little world?

Thought of the Day–12/29/17


Thought of the Day—As we face a new year with uncertainty, I would much rather put my trust and life in God’s hands, than to gamble on fate to safely take me through.  Whose hands would you rather rest in times of trouble?

Thought of the Day–12/25/17

Mother and Child

Thought of the Day—God’s love was shown and Hope was born for us on Christmas Day!  May peace reign in your lives as you celebrate the Christ child this Christmas…happy birthday, Jesus!

Thought of the Day–12/24/17


Thought of the Day—As we enter the eve before Christmas, let us remember that it matters not what lies beneath the tree as much as what lies in our hearts.  A heart full of thankfulness for our one perfect gift–Jesus, a heart full of love for our family and friends and a heart full of joy in anticipation of being with those you love…that is what the Spirit of Christmas is all about…