Thought of the Day–1/30/18

Thought of the Day—Hold on to hope—hope for another tomorrow, hope that we please God, hope that one day we will indeed see God but hope that day won’t come too soon; for where there’s life, there’s hope. And as a result, hope can bring about peace…and isn’t that what we need more of right about now…peace?

Thought of the Day–1/28/18

Dark Clouds

Thought of the Day—Even though the storm clouds hang low and appear threatening, the sun still shines above those clouds. Just like the One who knows you best and loves you most; He’s been there all along…

Thought of the Day–1/27/18

Thought of the Day—Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” We can truly do nothing on our own without God working in our lives. He knows us so well because He made us; therefore God knows what we can withstand which is a lot more than we can comprehend!! And He knows what we need before we even ask…

Thought of the Day–1/26/18

Thought of the Day—Sometimes when life gets too tough to handle, it’s time to take a stroll through your Thanksgiving garden.  Just wander the path for awhile and take in the flowers of friendship that have bloomed throughout your lifetime.  Over there under that big willow tree is the large rose bush of family; and through the thorns of life grows the brightest red roses of all.  And even though some of the roses have faded and died, their aroma is still as sweet as ever…just remember who the Gardener is…He made this garden just for you…