Thought of the Day–1/10/18

Thought of the Day— One year ago today, I started doing a “Thought of the Day” for my sister Jennifer, who was coping with stage 4 Melanoma of the brain.  As God directed my thoughts and after I scribed the thought in my Word document, I would call and leave the “Thought of the Day” on her answering machine every morning to provide some comfort, thoughts to consider or even perhaps a little chuckle for her day.

  Beginning on May 23rd, which is Jennifer’s birthday, I started to also post the “Thought of the Day’ on Facebook and my blog site on WordPress, so these thoughts could be shared with others. 

My sister passed on October 25th of 2017 and thus, I feel it is very fitting that I discontinue writing new “Thought of the Day” posts one year from when it all began.  However, beginning today, I am going to begin sharing daily the “thoughts” that only Jennifer heard, through May 22nd.   I hope that you, in the past months and in some small way, have found these words to be helpful.  They were just small gifts, presented with love, from a brother to a sister…

1/10/17 Thought of the Day—you are loved more than you could ever imagine…

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