Thought of the Day–3/12/18


Thought of the Day—I love sitting on a deserted beach, just staring out at the horizon, for it pretty much puts life in perspective.  The relentless sea breeze tosses the hair and pulls at your clothing while the rhythmic cadence of the surf licking at the shoreline fills the senses.  It is liberating, intoxicating and at the same time humbling.  For it is at that very moment in time, regardless of your position or wealth or status on this earth, you are simply a human, a larger speck on this endless sandy shore; the creature, enjoying all that the Creator has created.  And when I leave this place, the encroaching surf erases all traces of my existence, including my footprints…as if I was never there…But know this; you WERE created for a reason, unique, one of a kind and for this particular time and place.  Isn’t it time you begin living the life God intended you to live? For He loves you like no other…can you say the same?

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