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Thought of the Day–5/4/18

Thought of the Day—God wants to clear away all the unnecessary clutter in our lives so we can concentrate on what is really important in life; serving Him.  Just resist the temptation to start dumpster diving after what was just slam dunked into the old dumpster…

Thought of the Day–4/21/18

Thought of the Day—It’s great to be on the mountain top and to look out at all the majestic views that lie before you.  But the better perspective is when you are in the valley, looking up.  From that vantage point, you can see both the grandiose size and beauty of the mountains as well as your goal, your journey ahead.  You feel so small and inadequate in your surroundings because in fact, you are.  And while it’s necessary to stop from time to time on your journey to rest and get refreshed, to adjust your course and continue on, if you look too often at where you’ve been, you will never reach your destination…so it is on the trail and in life…

Thought of the Day–3/12/18


Thought of the Day—I love sitting on a deserted beach, just staring out at the horizon, for it pretty much puts life in perspective.  The relentless sea breeze tosses the hair and pulls at your clothing while the rhythmic cadence of the surf licking at the shoreline fills the senses.  It is liberating, intoxicating and at the same time humbling.  For it is at that very moment in time, regardless of your position or wealth or status on this earth, you are simply a human, a larger speck on this endless sandy shore; the creature, enjoying all that the Creator has created.  And when I leave this place, the encroaching surf erases all traces of my existence, including my footprints…as if I was never there…But know this; you WERE created for a reason, unique, one of a kind and for this particular time and place.  Isn’t it time you begin living the life God intended you to live? For He loves you like no other…can you say the same?

Thought of the Day–3/7/18

Thought of the Day—Did you know there is a huge difference between the words childish and childlike?  Sure, all the characteristics of those two words are incorporated into the life and personality of a child but in an adult, the contrast is striking.  To be childish as an adult has everything to do with self and nothing to do with responsibility; it’s an “I want” mentality that has far reaching consequences.  To be childlike, however, is to embrace being an adult in addition to having a keen sense of wonderment of life and trust in others, of having an unwavering faith.  It sometimes comes down to loving life as opposed to just living life.  How about you? Are you walking around, disgruntled with life because it’s not going your way or are you caught up in the magic of ordinary days?