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Thought of the Day–5/4/18

Thought of the Day—God wants to clear away all the unnecessary clutter in our lives so we can concentrate on what is really important in life; serving Him.  Just resist the temptation to start dumpster diving after what was just slam dunked into the old dumpster…

Thought of the Day–3/4/18

Thought of the Day—Did you know you are only as good as your word? So speak your words carefully with thought, truth, and wisdom; let your yes be yes and your no be no…no maybes or buts about it…and always speak the truth with love.  Sometimes easier said than done, huh?

Thought of the Day–2/28/18

Thought of the Day—This world would be a much better place if we simply talked a lot less and listened more— to our God with great anticipation, to our loved ones without judgment or condemnation and to our own selves with sincere honesty…