Thought of the Day–8/10/17

Half eaten

Thought of the Day—Attempting to live life vicariously through others is like being offered scraps from someone else’s half eaten meal; hopefully you’ll eventually feel pretty disgusted and left wanting more. The God who breathed air in to your lungs and sparked life into your body has laid before you a smorgasbord of life experiences tailored just for you. All you have to do is have the courage, grit and determination to pick up that fork and begin enjoying all that makes you…you…for there is no substitute…

Thought of the Day–8/9/17

Ice cube

Thought of the Day—Worrying about a problem is often times giving that problem more attention than is needed or deserved…it’s like proclaiming the situation to be the unmanageable size of a gigantic glacier, but in reality, it’s only the mass of a melting ice cube…why waste your time worrying when you can just pray, give it to God, let it go and move on…

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